Latest Works

Home Sleep Test - Product Explainer

The home sleep test is a product by ResMed, which allows anyone to test the quality of their sleep at home. I worked with ResMed India and did a voiceover for their product explainer video.

Zort SMS App - Commercial

Zort is an SMS app for android that categorizes users' SMS box and helps get rid of clutter. I did a voiceover for their 20 seconds youtube commercial.

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance - Commercial -1

Reliance Nippon required voiceover for their commercial explaining the benefits of getting life insurance and a soft sell of referring friends and family and becoming an angel of goodness.

Reliance Nippon commercial - 2 hold

Here is another advert of Reliance Nippon, where I explained the benefits of life insurance in a storytelling format

Reliance Nippon commercial - 3

Yet another commercial for Reliance Nippon life insurance.

LocoNav Fast tag product explainer (Hindi)

In this product explainer story video, I used my voice modulation skills to provide voices for three different characters.

BagBuddy product explainer

BagBuddy is an app that allows the user to request another passenger travelling on the same flight to carry excess baggage in order to save a heavy fee charged by the airline. I provided my voice for their product explainer video.

Aqua Prills product explainer

Aqua Prills gold is a product that allows consumers to mineralize their RO water at home. In their product explainer video, I explained the benefits of drinking alkaline water and explained the cost-effectiveness of the product.

Simply Nutra Melatonin commercial (Hindi)

In this twenty-second commercial for Simply Nutra, I explained the benefits of the product.

TVS Credit - Service explainer

I provided my voice for the service explainer video for TVS credit. The company provides loans for used cars, and the application can be made using a simple web interface.